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25 Techniques for Grilling by Ardie Davis

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From Publishers Weekly

In this slim, attractive volume, outdoor cooking enthusiast Ardie Davis (America's Best BBQ) presents a varied take on the art of cooking over direct heat. Each of 25 techniques is paired with a recipe that best illustrates its merits, an approach that should raise eyebrows even among veteran grillers.

While the bulk of Davis' techniques and recipes are simple (chicken grilled under a brick, burgers, roasted peppers), Davis is hardly timid; grillmasters will need a degree of trust and fortitude for Davis's Dirty Steak, in which inch-thick steaks are placed directly on the coals, and few will want to babysit Rendezvous-Style Baby Back Ribs for 45 minutes, turning them every five.

As a tour of techniques, the book's variety will likely impress vets, and novices should gain some confidence with a variety of skills. Ultimately, though, Davis's guide to backyard cooking makes a better side than a main course.